Aberdeen City Guide

Known as the "Granite City' or "Silver City," Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland. With a population of approximately 210,000, Aberdeen is renowned as the centre of the North Sea energy industry and is often referred to the "Oil Capital of Europe." Scotland's amazing scenery and charm makes it one of the United Kingdoms most beloved regions. The Scottish accent and kilt is most synonymously linked with Scotland. The quaint way of life in Scotland makes it a very exciting and unique country to visit. Winter in Scotland can be like a winter wonderland when the region is covered in its first snowfall of the season.

Aberdeen also has an expansive sandy beach within a mile of the city center. The city is one of the richest in Scotland with it also being known as the Oil capital of Europe thanks to the discovery of North Sea oil back in the 1970s.

Things to do and see in Aberdeen

Aberdeen has many museums and historical places to visit including a Planetarium which offers an amazing glimpse at the solar system.

There is also an excellent Maritime museum which is located in a charming 16th century mansion which has been converted into an award-winning Martine museum.

Aberdeen has wonderful winter festivals that make the holiday festivities even more endearing. This region plays host to Scotland's beautiful winter scenery and celebrations. It is the perfect holiday destination for those who wish to experience the gem of Scotland. Take advantage of Scotland's stunning landscape and historical treasures. Aberdeen was proudly awarded the Beautiful Britain in Bloom for the 10th times. Aberdeen proudly displays its prize winning floral contributions throughout the city

Accommodation option are abundant with each offering warm Scottish charm and hospitality. Stay in one of Aberdeen's many Bed & Breakfast during your stay for a rustic experience. Aberdeen has top universities, shopping centres and restaurants. The Scotland’s best Premier league football clubs are revered by all. Sample their famous Grampian Whisky at one of Aberdeen's traditional pubs. Historical sights such as the Victorian Heritage and Grampian Castle Trails are wonderful are a must. Especially, for those who enjoy discovering about the foundation of Scotland architecture and history.

Explore Aberdeen quaint fishing villages and towns in the North East. Take an excursion to the breathtaking Moray Coast for a day out at the beaches. The wildlife of Scotland continues to flourish as it offers a wonderful opportunity for visitor to see the animals up close. Dolphin watching excursions in Scotland have been increasingly popular in the recent decades. The local cuisine is a gastronomical experience not to be missed especially Scotland's prize dish the succulent mouth-watering Angus.

Traveling to Scotland to explore Aberdeen and the Grampians for a short break, weekend getaway, holidays or vacations offers you a uniquely different holiday you will never forget. The historical sights, restaurants and nightlife of Aberdeen has many tourists and visitor returning to Aberdeen to experience this charming city again and again.

Aberdeen has its own food which is nicknamed the Rowie, which is also known as the Aberdeen Buttery which can be eaten cold or hot and is available from many shops and garages and is a great way to start the day. You have got to try one as we have never seen them sold outside of Scotland.


Aberdeen and the surrounding areas are a great place to explore.